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Explicit Teaching
At Mission Beach State School we have adopted explicit teaching as our signature whole school teaching method.  This ensures consistency of approach in all classrooms.
The explicit teaching model includes the following components:   Warm Up, Introduction, I Do We Do You Do, Plough Back and Review.
The warm up is specifically to move knowledge from short term to long term memory through oral repetition and chanting of core facts or skills previously taught through fast response activities on the whiteboard or on flashcards;
The introduction is designed to review or make links to previous work and to engage students ready for new or continued learning;
The I Do involves the direct instruction by the teacher of the process or skill and the explicit modelling of the expected standard. This is where the teaching is broken down into a step-by-step process;
The We Do involves the students in the guided practice of the process or skill until all have mastery. The learning is scaffolded to build student confidence;
The I Do component is where the student works silently on the individual task while the teacher moves around the class to monitor, provide feedback and support;
The plough back & review provides an opportunity to review key concepts and skills and clarify expected standards and qualities.