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Our staff

We are very proud of our dedicated staff – teachers, aides, administration and facilities officers. We currently have 23 teachers working in a variety of roles. We have 9 teacher aides who also offer further support for students learning across our school. Our staff includes-

Prep A: Sharon Berry-Porter

Prep B: Amanda Menzies

Year 1A: Tracey Slocum & Rochelle James

Year 1B: Heidi Thomson

Year 2A: Sarah Campbell

Year 2B: Theresa Camileri 

Year 3A: Trish Curnoe

Year 3B: Tia Jolly

Year 4A: Trish Gilmore

Year 4B: Annette Timms

Year 5A: Michelle Hawkins

Year 6A: Helen Dorante

Year 5/6: Danielle Ciranni

Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy: Catherine Borgna

Students with Disabilities Teacher: Joanne Ross

The Arts: Carmen Pedroni.

Physical Education: Chris Smith

Languages Other Than English (Indonesian): Kym Hall

Librarian: Judy Heath

Instrumental Music Music: Kerri Buchanan

Guidance Officer: Joanne Hoskins

Teacher Aides: Olivia Trucollo, Madonna Watt, Maree Muller, Nola Matthews, Fiona Lauriston, Alexis Bryde, Nikki Macare, Kez Helion & Ledaine Clark

Cleaning: Deborah Woodfield, Jexie Stranger, Ngaio Campbell

Our magnificent grounds are managed by Gene Shepherd

Our principal is Gordon Robertson

In our office at the front desk you will meet Sheryl Shaw

Our Business  Manager is Marina Sheen & Lauren Kanowski.